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A4681 ( Low Profile 800-band )

Heavy-Duty UHF Antenna

Gain:  Unity

Color: White or Black


Option 1: Standard TAD/NMO type

Option 2: or Type “N” Female Termination for Tamperproof Mounting

Frequency Ranges: 

A4681-806      806-896MHz

A4681-896      896-960MHz

A4681-915      900-930MHz

Note for Above Model SKU shows “B” to reference the BLACK colored configuration with a Standard TAD/NMO type.

A4681– Black Finish Standard Configuration with Mount

A4681W – White Finish Standard Configuration with Mount

A4681BN – Black Finish with “N” Termination

A4681WN –White Finish with “N” Termination


2 3/4″ (6.9cm) for the Configuration with a Standard TAD/NMO type

DIAMETER: 1.5″ ( 4 cm )



The Low Profile UHF A4681 Series Antennas provide unity gain and are designed for heavy-duty service.  The antenna covers are UV inhibited ABS plastic black or white finishes (Custom colors are available).  Specify A4681B for a BLACK finish, or A4681W for a WHITE Finish.  The A4681 antennas mate with a standard NMO mount.

The Low Profile UHF A4681 antenna has a power handling capacity of 200 watts and a VSWR of <2.0:1 at 10 MHz. Please specify center frequency upon ordering, in addition to the specific configuration for the A4681 series, such as: A4681B, A4681W, A4681BN, or A4681WN.

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