Triband Base Station Antenna

Frequency range: 825-896/1850-1990MHz
Gain: 3 dBd

Reliable Performance: Rated at 250 watts and 3dB gain, you can expect years of continuous service.

Rugged Construction: The radiating elements are constructed of copper & copper alloy. They are encased in a fiberglass radome for total environmental protection.

Weatherproof: The fiberglass radome is ultraviolet inhibited. The heavy wall aluminum mounting sleeve is epoxy coated for superior weather protection. Lightweight: These antennas are lightweight at less than 5 lbs. (11 kg) but are designed to easily withstand winds of over 125 MPH.

Simple installation: Using the optional BSMNT2 mounting kit, installation takes only minutes.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

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