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BSL450U Series


Frequency range: 380-512 MHz

Gain: Unity

Bandwidth: >20 MHz

Radome: 1.5″ (4 cm) dia.

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Series Model Numbers w/ Frequencies:

BSL380U-A  –  375-400 NHz
BSL450U-A  –  406-430 MHz
BSL450U-B  –  430-450 MHz
BSL450U-BC – 445-465 MHz
BSL450U-C  –  450-470 MHz
BSL450U-CD – 460-480 MHz
BSL450U-D  –  470-490 MHz
BSL450U-DE – 480-500 MHz
BSL450U-E  –  490-512 MHz



Rated at 250 watts and unity gain, you can expect years of continuous service. The radiating elements are constructed of copper & copper alloy. They are encased in a fiberglass radome for total environmental protection.  The fiberglass radome is ultraviolet inhibited. The heavy wall aluminum mounting sleeve is epoxy coated for superior weather protection. These antennas are lightweight at less than 8 lbs. but are designed to easily withstand winds of over 125 MPH.  Using the optional BSLMNT2 mounting kit, installation takes only minutes.