CLTM301 (2xLTE)

Ceiling Mount Antenna for Cellular & 4G LTE

2-cables: two LTE Cellular elements

Cable 1 & 2: 694-960 MHz, 3 dBi & 1710-2170 MHz, 4 dBi

Can also be configured with a single cable

The CLTM301 Ceiling Mount antenna contains one or two antenna elements. In addition, the elements cover cellular applications from 694-960 MHz & 1710-2170 MHz. The two-element option provides MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) coverage for 4G LTE.

Please see CLTM501 model for the WiFi version of this model.

The antenna is easy to install. furthermore, the CLTM-301 comes with a special mounting clamp attached directly to the metal ceiling tile grip. The CLTM Series uses low loss fire retardant 195RF cable. The antenna measures 5.5″ (140 mm) in diameters with a low profile of 2.38″ (60.4 mm).

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