Folded Dipole Antenna

Frequency Range: 406-512 MHz
Gain: 5 dBd
Bandwidth: 106 MHz

Rated at 250 watts, the ED450-2 is has 5dBd gain. Its performance is reliable in which you could expect years of continuous service. It is Available in either 1/4 wave or 1/2 wave configurations. In addition, the radiating elements are black anodized and the mast is epoxy powder coated heavy-wall aluminum.

The feed line harness is inside the mast. In addition, the ED450-2 antennas are lightweight at less than 10 lbs. However, they easily withstand winds of over 150 MPH. Though this antenna is lightweight it has a rugged construction. Also, this antenna is weatherproof.

Various types of mounting hardware such as tower standoffs and BSLMNT2s are available. The hardware is sold separately.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

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