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The OD5-2000MOD2 is an Omni-Directional Cellular LTE Coverage Antenna. It is for pole mounted fixed site applications. The frequency range for this antenna is 1710-2170 MHz, with 5 dBi gain. In addition, this antenna uses our popular foam filled “OD” style black fiberglass radome. This provides extra durability and high vibration resistance. The OD5-2000MOD2 terminates with an “N” Female Jack connector.

This antenna easily mounts onto 2 1/2 OD pipe with the provided mounting kit and hardware. It passes various tests for shock and vibration (including military standards). It is also IP67 rated for dust/water ingress.

Visit our eStore to customize an antenna online. Otherwise, check out our other Omni-Directional Antennas.



OD5-2000MOD2 Radiation Pattern