Y3315C Series

Heavy Duty Yagi Antenna

Frequency Range: 144-174 MHz
Gain: 9dBd
Bandwidth: 8 MHz

Frequencies :

Y3315C-A: 144-150 MHz
Y3315C-B: 150-156 MHz
Y3315C-C: 156-162 MHz
Y3315C-D: 162-166 MHz
Y3315C-E: 168-174 MHz

The Y3315C Series is a 5 element antenna that provides 9dBd gain. Rugged and weatherproof, the construction of our heavy duty yagis feature 1″ aluminum U channel with 3/8″ solid elements fully welded and polyester powder coated.

These yagi antennas are easily installed by one person. When field turned they have the lowest VSWR without cutting any elements. The Y3315C Series can withstand 125 MPH winds. Alos, they can be supplied with YDM2 double V-bolt mounting kit.

Comtelco antennas, now a Mobile Mark brand.

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