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Public Works LTE Antenna With Multiple Mounting Options

Itasca, IL – September 6, 2016 – Public works organizations are constantly looking for ways to make their cities better places to live. Maintenance on roads, traffic intersections, and water supply systems keep towns and cities functioning at all times. One aspect of public works that has only recently become the norm for infrastructure is aidingin the implementation of Smart City systems that run on WiFi and cellular LTE.

The goal of developing smart city platforms in urban environments is to connect several different wireless systems together along with users, and there is often some overlap with public works when it comes to installation and maintenance for smart city applications. One example of hardware that can be added to existing smart city systems is Mobile Mark’s RM-WLF broadband LTE surface mount antenna.

This antenna functions in the frequency range of 694 to 894 MHz at 3 dBi and 1.7 to 2.1 GHz at 5 dBi, covering more frequencies than traditional dual band mobile antennas. The RM-WLF can be used for applications such as remote monitoring from fixed locations or data transfer from a moving vehicle.

The RM-WLF can be mounted in several different ways including surface mounted, pole mounted, and even ceiling mounted. The pole mount is a viable option for attaching the antenna to a light post or other roadside fixture. The optional ceiling mount for the RM-WLF converts it into a wideband antenna for multiple cellular applications. Applications that are covered by the ceiling mount variation include: wireless LTE at 700 MHz, HSPA at 850 MHz, AWS at 1.7-2.1 GHz, as well as WiMAX at 2.5 to 2.7 GHz.

For public works teams that are looking for covert, low cost solutions for LTE coverage within their city, Mobile Mark’s RM-WLF antenna provides exactly what buyers are looking for in a single compact package.

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