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The Best DSRC Mobile Antenna For Smart Transportation Management Systems

Itasca, IL – January 4, 2018 –With DSRC, ITS technologies, and Smart Transportation Management Systems constantly on the rise, antenna buyers now more than ever require reliable mobile antennas specifically designed for the 5.9 GHz band. Mobile Mark’s new SMW-313 combines MIMO functionality for 2x DSRC on the 5.8-6.0 GHz band, in addition to GPS at 1575 MHz. Installing a DSRC focused vehicle antenna like the SMW-313 ensures that mobile network users always have the best possible connection.

The SMW-313 easily mounts to the roof of a vehicle with the attached ½” long threaded basebolt. It comes with 3 cables providing MIMO functionality for 2 x 5.8-6.0 GHz, in addition to GPS at 1575 MHz.  This antenna was specifically designed for DSRC, an improvement over the previous generation SMW-303 which was designed as a dual WiFi/DSRC antenna. The SMW-313 comes with 15 feet of LL-195 for the two DSRC connections and RG-174 for the GPS connection. All three connections terminate with SMA plugs by default; however custom cable lengths and connector options are available.

The easily recognizable SMW style radome is made out of ASA UV inhibitive plastic, available in black or white.  This popular antenna style passes shock and vibration tests for various industrial and military standards. The antenna is also certified for IP67 dust and water ingress protection. The SMW-313 is rated at 7 dBi gain for 5.8-6.0 GHz and 5 dBi gain for GPS at 1575, in addition to having a maximum power rating of 10 watts. The VSWR rating for this antenna is less than 2:1 for 5.8-6.0 GHz, and it also has 50 OHM nominal impedance.

With Smart Transportation Management Systems now starting to be implemented in cities worldwide, antenna buyers and systems integrators truly benefit from having dedicated mobile DSRC antennas like the SMW-313. For more information, contact or call us toll free at 800.648.2800.

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