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Tri-band Mobile Antenna for Public Safety P25 radios available from Mobile Mark

Itasca, IL, May 5, 2020 – Mobile antennas for Public Safety P25 radios need to operate on three bands: VHF, UHF and 700/800 band.

Mobile Mark’s A55136TB tri-band mobile antenna for Public Safety provides coverage on all P25 bands in a small-rugged, aesthetically pleasing reliable package. P25 triband radios are typically used by dispatch organizations, such as police, fire, rescue, and EMS, using vehicle-mounted radios and handheld walkie-talkies.
Since P25 radio connections move from one band to another, the P25 mobile antenna must provide high-performance, dependable connection on all bands. The A55136TB offers 3dBi gain of the VHF channels and 5 dBi gain on both the UHF channels and the 700 & 800 bands.

As Michael Berry, President & CEO explained, “We know our Public Safety officials need dependable equipment, and reliable communications products are an important part of this. That is why we are so proud of our Made-in-the-USA tri-band mobile antenna that covers all three Public Safety P25 bands.”

The A55136TB is a premium heavy-duty mobile antenna. It is manufactured using high-quality corrosion resistant materials and finishes to protect against the harshest outdoor environments.

It has an omni-directional pattern and is vertically polarized for 50Ω impedance match. It mounts with a standard NMO mount which provides excellent moisture resistant seal.

The A55136TB Tri-Band Mobile Antenna for Public Safety P25 is designed & manufactured in our Illinois R&D Center and Production facility.

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