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Wayside Antenna Provides Support For ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems

Itasca, IL – September 27, 2017 – The term “Intelligent Transportation Systems” refers to an area of vehicle and infrastructure communications technology that is growing faster and larger every day. The infrastructure side of ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems relies on communication systems installed both on vehicles and by the wayside of roads. In order to establish a strong omni-directional signal, a wayside antenna such as the ECO12-5900 can be installed to communicate with vehicles on the road.

The ECO12-5900 is an omni-directional infrastructure antenna that provides high-speed broadband system performance in an economical package. It operates in the frequency range of 5.9 GHz to 6 GHz, with 12 dBi gain. The ECO12-5900 is a free space antenna, meaning no ground plane is required for operation. It is typically pole mounted with the default U-Bolt and saddle hardware provided when the antenna is purchased.

The ECO12-5900 comes standard with an N Jack (Female) connection; however a Recessed N (Plug) version is also available. The VSWR for this antenna is 2:1 max over range, with 50 Ohm nominal impedance and 25 watts of power. The ECO12-5900 has a beamwidth of 7 degrees elevated, and 360 degrees azimuth. Aside from the fantastic performance for DSRC and Intelligent Transportation Systems, the ECO12-5900 has an attractive fiberglass radome that is available in black or white. It weighs just under one pound (<0.75 lbs) and measures 0.63 inches (1.6 cm) in diameter.

In order to withstand outdoor use, the ECO12-5900 is rated for a maximum wind velocity of 125 mph (193 KPH). In addition, external lightning protection is recommended for this antenna. It passes many standards for shock & vibration, including MIL 810G and EN 61373, and is also IPx5 rated for water ingress.

Advancements for Intelligent Transportation Systems are being made constantly, and systems integrators will require antennas that can keep up with the ever changing technology. Customers can count on Mobile Mark antennas like the ECO12-5900 to provide the best possible wayside communications for 5.9 GHz applications.

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