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Selecting the Optimal Antenna for Mobile Mesh Networks

The antenna selection process can make or break the success of a wireless network deployment. This is never truer than in a mobile mesh network where environmental conditions, terrain, and location of “nodes” on the network are all largely unpredictable and in a constant state of change. In mobile deployments, selection and proper use of the right antenna can dramatically improve the coverage range and robustness of the network. 

The High-Performance Tactical Mesh Antenna (HP-TMA) from Mobile Mark is specifically designed for use in rugged military mobile networking environments. It improves wireless signal quality and reach using Mobile Mark’s 3D Signal™ technology that combines a unique high-performance circular wave pattern with patented signal boosting technology in a low profile, easy-to-implement device. The result is a highly efficient and farther-reaching wireless network, as well as a more forgiving signal pattern that delivers greater link stability between mobile clients. As vehicles and nodes in a mobile network traverse uneven terrain or varying elevations, the HP-TMA ensures superior signal coverage and data throughput while providing improved signal penetration through trees, buildings, and other obstacles.