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License Plate Antenna



License Plate Antenna – new communications antenna announced by Mobile Mark


Schiller Park, IL, April 12, 2010 – A License Plate Antenna is a convenient solution for wireless users looking to camouflage their use of a wireless radio or GPS Tracking System.  It also works well for wireless users looking to combine or consolidate multiple antennas. 


The patented license plate antenna from Mobile Mark accommodates multiple antennas in one package by hiding the antenna elements inside the plastic frame itself.  This new antenna takes covert to a fun level and captures the imagination. 


Anyone looking at the vehicle will see the license plate and frame but will see no evidence of an antenna.  The car or truck can have GPS for tracking, WiFi or WiMAX for networking, and Cellular channels for Voice or Data communications.  This disguised antenna is particularly beneficial for undercover and discreet security applications.


The GPS, Cellular & WiFi license plate antennas can accommodate up to three different applications.  The two-cable models cover GPS as well as US, European or Canadian cellular bands.  The three-cable models cover GPS, US Cellular (850 & 1900 MHz) as well as WiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz).  Alternatively, the three-cable version could be used to cover Public Safety 4.9 GHz networks instead of WiFi.  Gain figures for this antenna series are Cellular: 2.5 dBi gain, WiFi: 2 dBi gain, and GPS: 5 dBi gain (26 dB Amplifier).


The covert license plate frame antenna (CLP Series Antennas) can be mounted on either the front and/or rear of a vehicle.  For states where license plate lighting is required, an LED lighting module can be added to the frame.  This lighting option is available for any of the GPS, Cellular & WiFi antenna combinations.


The next disguised antenna to be released in the license plate frame antenna series will be the GPS, Cellular & UHF antennas.  This series contains up to three different cables to accommodate US Cellular, UHF and GPS.  Each cable connects the modem with the corresponding antenna in the license plate frame.  The antenna provides 2.5 dBi gain on both the Cellular and UHF bands and 5 dBi gain (26 dB Amplifier) on the GPS band.


This license plate antenna can also be configured with only one or two cables, for example to cover UHF & Cellular but not GPS, or to cover only the UHF band.


The UHF antenna can be tuned in the field to typically cover a 15 MHz band anywhere in the 420-500 MHz range.  The UHF antenna can handle a receiver of up to 50 Watts.  The power limit for the Cellular GSM/CDMA band is 20 watts.


The antenna is designed for easy installation; each band has a separate cable feed and RF connector.  Cable length can be specified for the application, to accommodate either car or truck or trailer installations.


Mobile Mark understands that sometimes discretion is a priority, and created this antenna.  For GPS Fleet Management and Covert applications, this multiband license plate antenna is an ideal choice!



Eleanor Sylvan, VP Marketing

Mobile Mark, Inc.

3900-B River Road

Schiller Park, IL

(847) 671-6690




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