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What connectors do you supply with your antennas?

Mobile Mark supplies different types of connectors to go with the cables installed on the antenna. The common connector types used are:

  • TNC
  • Mini-UHF
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • MCX
  • MMCX
  • BNC
  • FME

Antennas are generally specified as Jack or Plug to indicate which mating connector should be used. Some antennas are specified as “Reverse” connector indicating that the presence or absence of the center pin is opposite to the standard configuration of a Jack or Plug connector. For example, a reverse polarity SMA Jack connector would consist of the outer housing typically found on a Jack connector but it would be missing the typical center pin.

Right-angle configurations are also available for a select number of connectors such as the SMA, TNC, MCX, and MMCX.

You can customize an Antenna online at our eStore, and specify the type of connector. Otherwise, read more about our various Cable Assemblies

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