Cable Assemblies

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Mobile Mark offers custom Cable Assemblies that are built to order. A variety of Options on styles and connectors are available. In addition, Cable Assemblies are for site antennas with integrated connectors. They can be used when longer cable runs are needed to extend a standard mobile antenna configuration.

These High Quality Low Loss Cables come in a variety of cable styles and sizes including: RG-174, RG-58, Low Loss LL-195, Flame Retardant LL-195FR, LMR-100, LMR-240, LMR-400 and LMR-600.

All standard cable assemblies and connectors are 50 Ohm. Custom RF cable assemblies built to order.

When customizing an antenna online at our eStore, you may specify a Cable Length Option. Otherwise READ MORE on our Infrastructure and Fixed Site Antennas.