RG-174 Cable

Custom cable assemblies

This Cable Assembly is Available for a 1 Week Turn-Around with Specific Connectors and Lengths.

Cable: RG-174
Outside diameter: 0.1″ (2.5 mm)
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 900 MHz: 0.32 dB
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 2500 MHz: 0.55 dB

The RG-174 Cable is small and flexible. It is our widest option available for miniature sized connectors. In addition, it’s best suited for mobile/portable applications up to 1900 MHz. Furthermore, this antenna can be used in short runs up to 2.7 GHz.

Mobile Mark offers custom cable assemblies and customer can specify the cable lengths and connectors. This provides a convenient way to extend the length of a standard antenna configuration

All standard cable assemblies and connectors are 50 ohms.

Also, this Cable Assembly is AVAILABLE for a 1 Week Turn-Around with specific connectors and in lengths from 10 Feet to 20 Feet. Contact your account manager to order this cable assembly in specific 1-ft increments, from 10-ft to 15-ft. Otherwise, visit our eStore to purchase it in fixed 10-ft, 15-ft or 20-ft lengths.

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