LMR-600 Cable

Custom cable assemblies

Cable: LMR-600
Outside diameter: 0.59″ (15 mm)
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 900 MHz: <0.01 dB
Loss per foot (per 30 cm) at 2500 MHz: <0.01 dB

Customer can Specify Cable Length and Connectors

Mobile Mark offers custom cable assemblies. Customer specifies the cable lengths and connectors. This provides a convenient way to extend the length of a standard antenna configuration. The LMR-600 Cable is the lowest loss cable we offer.

All standard cable assemblies and connectors are 50 ohms. This LMR-600 Cable is a low loss cable. In addition, it is suitable for base station installations where the antenna is mounted on a tower with long runs of cable.

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