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Antenna Solutions

“We have utilized our resources in designing and modeling the antenna systems.”

Efficient M2M 3G antennas are critical in enabling M2M applications. At Mobile Mark our engineering expertise covers this field of 3G antennas for M2M applications.

We have handled the M2M 3G antenna requirements of customers around the world. Our engineering expertise has been utilized at several levels across the different projects that we have worked on, beginning with conceptualizing an M2M 3G antenna system. For example, we understand the requirements and limitations connected to PTCRB testing. Following the conceptualization of the antenna, we have utilized our resources in designing and modeling the antenna systems. For this we have got a dedicated design team and a fully equipped modeling shop. In fact, some of our innovative design solutions of M2M 3G antennas have been patented and are available only with us. We extend our design services through to the manufacturing process of the final product, and using our comprehensive testing facility we make sure that every M2M antenna that we create is efficient, reliable and meets or exceeds our customer’s design specifications. We are proud of the fact that our antennas have already received PTCRB approval on multiple data systems.

Beyond our design and manufacturing services for M2M 3G antennas, we have also worked closely with our customers and brought our engineering expertise to bear upon the wireless product itself. By being an active partner during the development process, we have at times shown our customers how to make their M2M modem more reliable and cost-effective.

Please contact us for more information about our M2M 3G antennas. For your convenience, we have provided a contact form on this page. Also on the same page we have given complete contact information for our American and European divisions.

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