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M2M Solutions

“The M2M antenna solutions we can provide include conceptualizing an M2M antenna system.”

M2M is an abbreviation that is become increasingly important and has more than one definition. It stands for a variety of wireless applications including Machine to Machine, Mobile to Machine, Machine to Mobile and Mobile to Mobile applications. What is common amongst all these critical applications is that they are all dependant on a well-built, efficiently functioning M2M antenna solutions. Therefore, it can be asserted that effective M2M antenna system solutions lie at the basis of M2M data transmission systems in several crucial sectors such as the banking, medical, mobile phones and goods and vehicle tracking industries. In addition, many of the Cellular Carriers are now requiring that the M2M modems be submitted to a test facility for official, independent PTCRB testing. Mobile Mark is proud of the fact that our antennas have already received PTCRB approval on several M2M data systems.

At Mobile Mark we have engineering expertise in M2M antenna systems and can cater to M2M GSM and GPRS antenna system needs. The M2M solutions that we can provide include conceptualizing an M2M antenna system, modeling and designing it, testing the final product and seeing it through to its manufacturing process. We have also successfully offered our engineering services to our customers on several occasions in the form of active assistance in developing their complete wireless M2M product. On such occasions we have worked closely with our client and given them inputs to make their product more reliable and cost-effective.

Apart from our highly specialized team of engineers, what helps us in offering versatile M2M development services is our advanced in-house infrastructure. We have comprehensive modeling and testing facilities, and as far as M2M antennas are concerned, we make sure that we match or exceed our client’s design specifications every time. We have the capabilities to handle the needs of major players in the wireless M2M applications industry as well as smaller, specialized firms.

Please contact us for more information on the range of M2M solutions that we offer. You could use the contact form we have provided on this page, or the detailed contact information given for our European and American divisions.