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Antenna Solutions

“Antenna manufacturers are the hub of the wireless industry, providing design, production and installation services for any communication system that relies on wireless technology.”

At Mobile Mark, we have the competence and the infrastructure to design Cellular GSM antennas for a variety of M2M applications. We have been engineering M2M GSM antennas for several years now and have handled the needs of clients manufacturing wireless M2M products around the world.

Our engineering expertise in M2M GSM antennas begins with conceptualizing an antenna system suitable for the given M2M product. In order to do this better we work closely with our customer to better understand their wireless M2M device whether it is a modem or fixed point in a wireless network. Understanding the product thoroughly for which we are designing the antenna also helps us define our subsequent services accordingly. Our various capabilities include designing and modeling an M2M GSM antenna system, testing the antenna to verify that it matches or even exceeds the customer’s design specifications and seeing it through to the manufacturing process for the final product. We can also use our engineering talent and expertise beyond just the M2M antenna system, by actively assisting our customers in creating the most efficient and cost effective solution for their wireless M2M product. This is especially important for OEM producers who are submitting their wirless device for PTCRB approval which is often required nowadays by the cellular carriers.

Our impeccable reputation in engineering M2M GSM antennas has been earned not just because of our highly trained pool of talented engineers but also because they have state-of-the-art in-house infrastructure at their disposal. This includes a fully equipped modeling shop and a comprehensive testing facility. In fact, we have the overall capability to meet the M2M GSM antenna requirements of major players in the wireless industry just as well as we can fulfill the needs of small, specialized manufacturers.

For more information on the availability of M2M GSM antennas from Mobile Mark, please contact us. For your convenience, we have provided a contact form on this page as well as the entire contact information for our American and European divisions.

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