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WiMAX Antennas

“Antenna design companies can create custom antenna solutions for any WiMAX project in the world.”

WiMAX is a relatively new wireless technology that is gaining ground in many countries around the world, and new antennas are needed for it every day. It is similar to wireless broadband (also known as WiFi), except that it is able to transmit signals for longer distances and can send and receive greater amounts of data more quickly than on traditional WiFi networks. Right now, Pakistan has the largest WiMAX network in the world. However, other countries are also jumping on this bandwagon as they discover the ease and convenience of having a WiMAX network available. As more nations use it and more customers are exposed to it, prices are starting to come down and will continue to come down in the future.

Much like WiFi, WiMAX is a wireless service that allows users to connect to the Internet through hot spots. Hot spots may be located throughout a city or in just one or two places, such as when businesses install WiMAX networks for their employees and customers. The basis of all WiMAX networks is the antenna. Data signals are sent and received through high-powered antennas, just as they are for any wireless product. Antenna design companies can create custom antenna solutions for any WiMAX project in the world.

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WiMAX Antennas for Any WiMAX Product

No two WiMAX projects are alike, and so each will require a separate solution for its antenna needs. Mobile Mark provides custom solutions to companies around the world. Contact Mobile Mark today at, 1-800-648-2400 or 847-671-6690.

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