Mobile Mark Company Profile

Today, we benefit from enhanced design capabilities and expanded production capacity – along with a greater understanding of new and emerging markets – all of which have allowed us to become one of the best antenna developers in our field. Our customers have been our partners along the way. We believe in taking the time to understand our customers’ individual needs. Through close consultation with clients, we are able to deliver innovative, tailored solutions that meet specific antenna requirements. Mobile Mark has the engineering capabilities to take a project from initial concept through to final production. We have recently moved into larger production facilities in both the US and the UK. We have the enhanced plant capacity and the staffing flexibility to meet OEM production volumes as required. Rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to take our designs from concept to reality in an extremely short time span, and to verify the performance of the antenna. A variety of network analyzers and an anechoic chamber enable us to conduct measurements up to 13 GHz, and ensure that the antennas designed meet or exceed customer requirements. We have onsite injection molding equipment and a fully equipped modeling shop staffed with skilled model makers to assist in the design phase and help us come up with a superior product – an antenna that not only meets the customer’s electrical specifications, but is also very attractively packaged. Our responsive manufacturing capabilities and production controls ensure that the antennas are delivered on time and to specs. Mobile Mark customers include both small, specialized manufacturers as well as major players in the wireless industry. We are proud to offer exceptional antennas as well as outstanding customer service. For antennas, and an antenna partner, that won’t let you down, turn to Mobile Mark. Innovative antenna designs… Made-in-the-USA reliability Company Capabilities Mobile Mark is a leading supplier of innovative, high performance antennas to wireless companies across the globe. We’ve been in the wireless industry for over 30 years and have our roots in the early Cellular trials. We have grown and evolved over the years, along with the industry.