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Covert Cellular Antenna For Smart City Applications

Itasca, IL – August 15, 2016 – “Smart City” is the buzzword that comes to mind when talking about the future of wireless infrastructures. These systems are intended to connect any number of government organizations, businesses, and users within a city area. Law enforcement, transportation systems, schools, and hospitals are just a few examples of potential beneficiaries of Smart City technology.

Cellular and LTE technology are two aspects of Smart City systems that are used by nearly everyone in an urban environment. For these wireless systems to function optimally, reliable covert antennas such as the CVL-WLF from Mobile Mark are necessary to carry the cellular signal. This antenna can be easily mounted inside or outside of an enclosure.

The CVL-WLF covert antenna covers all Cellular and LTE networks from 694 MHz to 2.7 GHz, including 3G/4G, AWS, UMTS, and LTE. This antenna is notable for its ultra-thin profile, measuring at a depth of less than 1/4” (6 mm). The overall dimensions are approximately 5 3/4” long, in addition to the mounting holes, and 1 1/2“ wide (146 mm x 38mm).

The over-molded plastic radome is made from a UV stable polyamide, which allows the antenna case to have some flexibility. The radome meets the dust and water ingress rating of IP69, in addition to military and industrial standards for shock & vibration.

As cities and municipalities continue to implement Smart City systems, they can look to covert products like the CVL-WLF from Mobile Mark to help build out their cellular infrastructure.

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