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Fixed Directional Panel For MIMO LTE Antenna Solutions

Expanding Cellular LTE Networks in today’s world require base stations in fixed locations to transmit and receive signals for cellular devices. Base stations typically consist of several high gain antennas to transmit and receive signal, and ideally, these base station Antenna arrays consist of MIMO LTE antenna solutions. If you are considering a fixed directional panel for MIMO LTE Antenna, please refer to these options.

The PND10-700/2700 from Mobile Mark introduces a low cost 2X MIMO LTE Panel Antenna with outstanding directional performance. This antenna comes equipped with two N Jack connectors on the back side of the radome for true MIMO capability. The frequency range and peak gain for the PND10-700/2700 are broken down into specific bands for LTE.  The 695-960 MHz band operates at  9 dBi peak gain, 1710-2170 MHz at 10 dBi peak gain, and 2400-2700 MHz  also at 10 dBi peak gain.

The radome for the PND10-700/2700 is made from a Gray ASA UV Inhibitive Plastic that ensures the inside components are protected from weather and environmental factors. External lightning protection is recommended for this DC ground antenna. The PND10-700/2700 mounts to OD pipe from 1 inches in diameter to 2.5 inches in diameter. The polarization for this antenna is at Slant +45° and -45° from the reference plane. The elevation for the PND10-700/2700 can be adjusted plus or minus 15° depending on how the adjustable bracket is mounted during installation.

The PND10-700/2700 has 50 OHM nominal impedance, and the maximum power is 50 watts. Combined with the 9-10 dBi gain for the antenna, customers can expect top of the line point-to-point directional performance in a comparatively low cost package. The front to back ratio for this antenna is 25 dB, with 20 dB isolation between elements. The overall weight for the antenna is 3 lbs. not including the mounting kit. It is rated to withstand winds of up to 125 mph (201 kph), and was designed for operational temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.

As base stations for Cellular LTE networks continue to upgrade, carriers should always consider high performance MIMO LTE antenna solutions as a top priority.  Mobile Mark’s PND10-700/2700 offers an excellent directional LTE solution for 695-2700 MHz for at a competitively lower cost than other fixed infrastructure antennas. When customers purchase a PND10-700/2700, they can rest assured that they are buying a high quality antenna that is more efficient without sacrificing performance.

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