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GPS Multi-Band Surface Mount Antenna For DSRC Applications To Be Featured At ITS AMERICA 2016!

Itasca, IL – June 6th, 2016 – The SMW-303 DSRC, WiFi & GPS antenna is a part of Mobile Mark’s line of emerging Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) antenna solutions.

This Multi-band surface mount antenna operates on the 5.9 GHz band, making it an ideal fit for DSRC applications using frequencies in that range.

The SMW-303 measures at 4.2” D x 3.2” H (107mmx81mm). This antenna features 3 elements in one antenna radome; one for GPS and two more for modems. A surface-mount version is available in addition to a mag-mount version. This antenna mounts easily to a roof, trunk, or bulkhead.

The SMW-303 is encased in a weather proof radome. This feature makes the SMW-300 extremely weather resistant –with an IP67 rating for Dust and Water Ingress. The antenna has also passed industrial and military shock and vibration testing.

Mobile Mark offers other antenna packages for DSRC applications, such as the IW-5900/1575Combination antenna that is designed for DSRC at 5.85-5.93 GHz and the IW-5900 Vehicle antenna.  Both the IW-5900/1575 and the IW-5900 are comeback DSRC glass mount antennas mounted inside of the vehicle.

Mobile Mark will have all three DSRC antennas, the SMW-303, the IW-5900/1575, and the IW-5900 on display at ITS America 2016 in San Jose from June 13th through June 15th, booth #535!

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