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Itasca, IL – October 13th, 2022 — Mobile Mark’s OD3-600/6000MOD2 antenna is the high-vibration resistant version of the OD3-600/6000 Omni-Directional Antenna.

The 600/6000MOD2 antenna is designed for 5G Sub-6 Wireless Networks requiring high speed, large volume data transfers. It covers 617-960 MHz with 2 dBi gain, and 1700-6000 MHz with 4 dBi gain. It is also backwards compatible for coverage on 4G LTE networks.

The OD3-600/6000MOD2 antenna is a versatile antenna that can be used as a Fixed Site Infrastructure Antenna or as a Mobile Antenna on vehicles subjected to heavy vibration.

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Mobile Mark’s “MOD2” foamed versions of the OD series antennas uses a proprietary mixture to protect the antenna elements from damage in high-vibration settings such as mining, exploration, agriculture, or large earth moving equipment. In addition, they can withstand the harshest environments of snow, wind, rain, and ice.

The OD series are supplied with all the hardware needed to install them to a pipe with an outer diameter of 2.5 inches. It has a maximum power rating of 10 watts and can withstand winds up to 100 mph. It is 17.5 inches in height and 1” in diameter with an “N” Jack Female connection.

The OD series antennas are free space antennas; therefore, no ground plane is required.

The OD3-600/6000 & OD3-600/6000MOD2 antennas are designed and manufactured in our Itasca, IL facility and are proudly Made-in-the-USA.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Mobile Mark, Inc. designs and manufactures infrastructure, vehicle, device, and embedded antennas for wireless applications from 30 MHz to 7.2 GHz. Applications include Sub-6 5G ready, GPS Tracking & Fleet Management, Cellular 4G LTE, WiFi, M2M & IoT, Smart City Networks, and Autonomous & Connected Cars. Engineering and custom design services are available. Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include research facilities and manufacturing plant, are located near Chicago, IL. An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK.

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