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ISM Band Quarterwave Antenna For Device Applications To Be Featured At XPONENTIAL 2016

Itasca, IL – March 28, 2016 – The PSTG0-915SE device antenna is a part of Mobile Mark’s line of emerging ISM band antenna solutions, featuring  top-grade performance in a small sized package.

This quarterwave antenna operates on the 902-915 MHz band, making it an ideal fit for either ISM or RFID applications using frequencies in that range.

The PSTG0-915SE stands at an overall length of 2.875 inches (73mm), and has Unity Gain (0 dBi maximum). VSWR rating for this antenna is at a 2:1 ratio across the frequency range, and nominal impedance is rated at 50 OHMs. The PSTG0-915SE is vertically polarized, and is suitable for both consumer and commercial applications.

The PSTG0-915SE is encased in a plastic radome made from black matte polyurethane, a flexible material that allows this versatile antenna to be used for wireless device applications including UAVs, access points, or hand-held portable units. The radome enclosure provides waterproof protection, and meets the IPx5 standard for water ingress rating.

Similar to other antennas in this series, the PSTG0-915SE comes standard with SMA Male Plugs. All Mobile Mark quarterwave device antennas require a groundplane for maximum performance, including the PSTG0-915SE.

Mobile Mark offers other antenna packages for ISM, such as the PSTG-915S with Unity Gain on the 902-928 MHz band and the PSTG2-433T at 2 dBi on the 420-470 MHz band. These quarterwave antennas provide different size and form factor solutions for a variety of device applications.

The PSTG0-915SE is a product that customers may find as a unique solution for their wireless device projects. As Mobile Mark continues to expand into new applications and markets, customers can expect to see more antennas that can provide a custom solution for their wireless needs.

Mobile Mark will have the PSTG0-915SE on display at XPONENTIAL 2016 in New Orleans from May 2nd to  May 5th, booth #931.

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