Quarterwave Device Antenna

Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Gain: 0 dBi max

The PSTG0-915SE Quarterwave Antenna offers high performance with a slim profile. It operates at 902-915 MHz and is for ISM or LoRa WAN applications.

The overall antenna length is 2 7/8-inches (73mm). In addition, it features a flexible whip and terminates with an SMA connector.

The PSTG0-915SE radomes are black matte polyurethane, which provides a protective, waterproof covering. It is a solid material, with some flexibility. In addition, as quarterwave antennas, the ground plane in the device influences the performance of these antennas. The specific radiation characteristics depend on the total configuration of the unit when interfaced with the antenna. A groundplane is required for optimum performance.

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