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Featured Product: LLP602, 6 Cable Low Profile Combination LTE/WiFi/GPS Antenna For Surface Mounts.

The LLP602 Combination LTE-WiFi-GPS Antenna features a reduced profile that can facilitate up to 6 cables. This is a featured product introduction by Mobile Mark.


  • Reduced low profile design featuring 6 separate connections
  • Frequency range: 694-3700 MHz (Global LTE), 2400-2500 & 5000-6000 MHz (WiFi), and 1575 (GPS)
  • 4-5 dBi gain across all bands

The LLP602 features a new reduced profile radome that can facilitate up to 6 cables. It comes standard with two connections for Global LTE (694-3700 Mhz), three connections for WiFi (2400-2500, 5000-6000 MHz), and one GPS connection (1575 MHz). This lower profile design is a perfect fit for surface mounted applications that require combined functionality for several wireless frequencies.

Click here to see our LLP602 Product Tech Sheet

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