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Mobile Mark New Releases Review, Providing Wireless Solutions As An Antenna Company

One of the many reasons that Mobile Mark has become such a prominent antenna company in the wireless space is because of our capability to produce innovative antenna designs for a wide variety of frequencies and applications.  Some of these new designs were released throughout 2016, and several have been released in early 2017. Here is a review of some of Mobile Mark’s new releases which will give some insight on the different designs, applications, and frequencies.

For fixed site applications requiring broadband Cellular M2M capability, the OD3-700/2700 offers a pole mounted solution for the best possible omni-directional performance. This antenna operates in the frequency ranges of 694-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz with up to 3 dBi gain for unparalleled wide band omni-directional coverage. The OD3-700/2700 comes in a black fiberglass radome that has the option of being foam filled for high vibration resistance with the MOD2 series.

The OD3-700/2700DN features the same Cellular M2M capability as the OD3-700/2700 with an added recessed “N” plug connection.  This surface mounted antenna easily mounts to a customer supplied enclosure or box with connection feed through. The OD3-700/2700DN is encased in a white fiberglass radome that is small in size without reducing performance.

DSRC systems that operate on the 5.9 GHz band require superior antennas for high-speed broadband system performance. The ECO6-5900 omni-directional antenna is perfect for 5.9 GHz applications categorized under Intelligent Transportation Systems including: Smart Highway, Collision Avoidance, and Tolling. The ECO series antennas have several connector options starting with the standard N Jack female, as well as added capability for an N Plug with pigtail cable option or Recessed N plug (RN) configuration.

Mobile Mark has several new embedded antenna solutions, including the EM-700/2700. This small circuit board antenna was designed for Cellular LTE capability on the 694-960 MHz and 1710-2750 MHz bands, and provides excellent Cellular M2M coverage with little to no physical footprint. The entire antenna element for the EM-700/2700 is made out of PCB (printed circuit board) material. Because of the simplicity in its design, it is easy to install, and can be embedded into a customer enclosure or mechanical unit with ease.

The PNM2-LTE, a brand new design from Mobile Mark in 2017, features a new wall mount option for MIMO LTE utilizing the 694-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz bands. This omni-directional panel antenna has two identical connections that operate in these frequency ranges for true MIMO Cellular M2M performance. The PNM2-LTE has two mounting key holes on the back of the radome to fix the antenna to a wall, and is further secured by 4 mounting tape pieces included with purchase.

Mobile Mark is more than just an antenna company; we are experts in wireless solutions. Our Chicago Area facility also includes Engineering Services for customers looking to utilize our environmental and mechanical testing equipment, prototyping tools, or our state of the art anechoic chamber. If you are looking to purchase new antennas for your next wireless project, or simply want to troubleshoot your existing wireless setup, give us a call toll free at 800-648-2800 or send an email to Our sales and engineering team will help you find the antenna solution that is right for you.

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