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Monitoring Antenna Solutions for Precision Agriculture

Itasca, IL – May 17th, 2021 –For a Precision agricultural setting, wireless monitoring antennas are essential for today’s farmers. These farmers need the right antenna solutions for precision agriculture because they need to be able stay constantly up-to-date with current reports from their fields. Sensors can report on critical factors such as temperature and soil moisture. This information can be used to direct irrigation activities or help schedule harvesting.

Multiple wireless technologies are available to capture and transmit the critical data. The choice of wireless system depends on the particular challenges faced such as whether the spectrum is licensed or unlicensed, the distance over which the data must be transmitted, and whether there are any additional wireless systems that might cause interference.

Sensors may be located across the farm, but the data needs to be gathered from the sensor end-points and transmitted back for processing. Collecting the data falls on the Wireless Gateway, which connects to the sensors via the Antenna.

Mobile Mark offers several Precision Agriculture Monitoring antenna solutions:

  • RM Series
  • PSKN3-700/2700
  • HD4-2400

The HD4-2400 was designed specifically for a precision agriculture application. This rugged, low profile WiFi antenna was designed to continue to perform, even if it was kicked or trampled by livestock. The radome of this extremely durable antenna is made of an overmolded black UV stable polyamide that is damage resistant, weather resistant, and vibration resistant. It passes the IP67 water ingress rating, as well as several military and industrial standards for shock and vibration.

The HD4-2400 operates in the frequency range of 2400 to 2485 MHz, with 4 dBi peak gain. It has a 50 ohm nominal impedance and an input power of 10 Watts. The HD4 is vertically polarized with a 120 degree vertical beamwidth and a 360 degree horizontal beamwidth.

The RM surface mount antenna series is available for both Cellular and WiFi applications. The RM-WB1 model covers all 5G Sub-6 frequencies from 600 – 6000 MHz. The extremely rugged RM-WB1 Wideband Antenna covers the entire sub-6 frequency band from 600-6000 MHz. The “6-2-6” antenna solutions make it possible to connect to any of the current or planned cellular frequency bands that reside at or below 6 GHz. This antenna contains a single element covering 617-960 & 1710-6000 MHz. This includes the new Band 71 at 617-698 MHz, CBRS at 3550-3700 MHz and LAA at 5-6 GHz.

The antenna measures 3.1” (79 cm) tall by 1.7” (43 cm) in diameter. It provides 3dBi gain and can handle up to 10 watts of power. It can be used for either fixed site installation or for mobile installations.

The PSKN3-700/2700 device antenna offers excellent performance for broadband wireless data applications from 694-960 & 1710-2700 MHz. It is an over molded Knuckle-Swivel style antenna for 4G LTE and can be locked in either a straight or right-angle position. The over molding makes it completely waterproof, when properly installed.

The Overall length is 7.75” (20 cm) in a straight position, and 6.75 “(17.2 cm) in a right-angle position. Peak gain on all bands is 3 dBi. The halfwave design means the antennas are ground-plane independent.

Mobile Mark offers a wide range of antenna solutions for precision agriculture across all wireless protocols and in multiple designs and shapes. If you require an Antenna Solution that is not immediately available from our long list of options, we will work with you to modify an existing antenna or custom design an entirely new antenna solution. If you are a Verified Reseller, you can purchase many of our antenna solutions for Precision Agriculture from our eStore.


Mobile Mark, Inc. designs and manufactures site, mobile and device antennas for 30 MHz – 7.2 GHz. Applications include LMR (Land Mobile Radio), CBRS Private LTE Sub-6 5G ready, GNSS Tracking & Fleet Management, Cellular 4G LTE, WiFi, RFID, Public Safety FirstNet, M2M & IoT, Smart City Networks, and Autonomous & Connected Cars. Engineering and custom design services are available. Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include research facilities and a manufacturing plant, are located near Chicago, IL. An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK. For further information visit our website:

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