Sub-6 Surface Mount Antenna, 600-6000 MHz

Heavy Duty Omni-Directional Antenna
Direct N Connector

Frequency: 617-960/1700-6000 MHz
Gain: 3 dBi peak

The RM-WB1-DN surface mount antenna with direct N Female is ideal for industrial or other heavy duty applications that need to access the entire 5G Cellular frequency band from 600-6000 MHz including Band 71 starting at 617 MHz,   CBRS from 3550-3700 MHz, and LAA at 5 GHz. This antenna can be used for fixed location applications such as remote monitoring or data transfer and mobile communication from a moving vehicle.

RM-WB1-DN-BLK (107.0 KiB, 291 downloads)
RM-WB1 Series Radiation Pattern (133.1 KiB, 40 downloads)