Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions Product Catalogue 2017-2018

At Mobile Mark, our engineers con- tinue to design innovative antennas so that you can stay one step ahead of new trends in the ever changing wireless world. Reduced profile antennas combine LTE MIMO, WiFi MIMO and GPS. High capacity MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) modems need equally high capacity antennas. LLP antennas combine up to 7 separate elements, all in one compact surface-mount radome. Designed for a variety of surface mounted applications including mounting on top of utility boxes, the slim profile LTB301offers stellar 2X MIMO 4G LTE performance in ad- dition to GPS. The BD-2400 and BD-5800 for WiFi, in addition to the BD-5900 for DSRC all use this same design. Embedded antennas can be used for a wide variety of devices and enclosures. The innovative flexible PCB circuit board design of the EM-LTE allows it to fit in almost any space. It operates on the 695-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz bands with 2 dBi gain. Fixed position and flexible device antennas guarantee proper position. A knuckle-swiv- el connection offers flexibility, but there are installations where a more specific position is needed. The PSGN-2000S offers true flexibility with its innovative bendable poly heat shrink design. LLP602 MIMO LTE/ WiFi/GPS Antenna, page 74 LTB301 Slim Profile 4G LTE/GPS Antenna, page 24 EM-LTE Flexible Embedded 4G LTE Antenna, page 19 PSGN-2000S Flexible Device Antenna, page 16