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ITS Smart Highway

ITS trials need dependable, consistent wireless coverage whether they rely on DSRC at 5.9 GHz or C-V2X over the existing Cellular network.  Antenna solutions play an important role as wireless coverage must reach seamlessly into hard-to-cover corners of city intersections and along vast expanses of interstate highways.

Mobile Mark’s solutions are divided into V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) for vehicle mounted OBU (On-Board Units) antenna and V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) for antennas mounted on RSU (Roadside Units). Vehicle mounted antennas can be used on cars, trucks, buses, or even motorcycles.  The multiband solutions also include GPS and Cellular/LTE.

DSRC Infrastructure Antennas can be used on Roadside Units installed along highways and roads or at intersections.  A mix of omni-directional, directional and bi-directional antenna solutions make it easy to find the right antenna for any given installation requirement.