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Circularly Polarized

Circularly Polarized (CP) antenna technology offers numerous performance advantages over traditional linear (LP) technologies.

  • CP waves “match” any Wi-Fi devices: the orientation of the signal is often random, depending on how the device is being held by the user.  CP antennas transmit in all planes, making it more likely for a mobile client device to be able to establish a reliable signal link regardless of the antenna orientation of the device.
  • CP waves propagate better: RF signals from different planes react differently depending on the type of material being struck. Because it transmits on all planes, a CP antenna has a higher probability of penetration to deliver a successful, stable link.
  • Less destructive interferences with a CP transmitting antenna:  CP based systems may incur reflected signals, but the reflected signal is returned in the opposite orientation, largely avoiding conflict with the propagating signal.
  • Less multi-path effect when the transmitter and receiver use circularly polarized antennas: lower likelihood of signal cancellation.