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Hemispherical Omni

The X-WAV Hemispherical Omni combines Clear-WAV Circular Polarization (CP) technology with a broad pattern for simplified coverage of both indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike traditional high-gain omni-directional antennas, which have a narrow donut-shaped pattern for covering flat outdoor locations, the Luxul hemispherical omni pattern focuses most of the signal in a broad hemispherical bubble above the antenna. When mounted in a basement, attic, or ceiling this pattern is ideal for directing signal strength where it is needed most. For outdoor applications, the low profile, rugged design and broad beam width make it an ideal antenna for unobtrusive installations where aesthetics dictate antenna placement and mounting. The relatively high peak gain is also useful for establishing Point-to-Point links with minimal aiming and antenna alignment issues relative to other antennas.

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