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Mobile Mark offers a wide range of Infrastructure antennas for WiFi networks. Some of these are for in-building WiFi Hotspots. In addition, others are ruggedly built and used for heavy duty industrial applications.

Omni-directional, Directional and Bi-directional Antennas are available. Furthermore, this provides network designers a wide range of options when planning out a new WiFi network. The Bi-directional Antennas and Circularly Polarized Panel Antennas offer unique radiation patterns. In turn, this will help in hard to cover areas.>/p> Some of the antennas, such as the OD-MOD2 Series are for extremely rugged, high-vibration applications such as Mining. Ask us about these antennas if you would like more information.

Visit our eStore to customize an antenna online. Otherwise, read more from our Industry pages on our Infrastructure and Fixed Site Antenna Solutions.