Low Pro Dual-band Antenna

Frequency Range: 698-960 1850-2200 MHz
Gain: >Unity

The A46DB630 model is a low profile tamperproof antenna.

Performance: These antennas provide at least unity gain (frequency dependent) and is for heavy duty services. In addition, they have a power handling capacity of 200 watts.

Stylish and Durable: They use the finest materials and finishes available. The covers are UV inhibited ABS plastic and are available in black finish.

Reliable: The brass base and “N” termination provide rugged and reliable performance. However, a ground plane is required for proper operation.

Tamperproof Mounting: The A46DB630 Antennas terminate as an “N” Type connector making installation simple. These parts do Not come with a 13″ ground plane.

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