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CLTM302 (2x 4G/5G Cellular)

Ceiling Mount Antenna, Broadband Global Cellular coverage

1 or 2 cables: 2x 4G/5G Cellular

Cable 1 & 2: 694-960 MHz, 3 dBi & 1710-3700 MHz, 4 dBi

This antenna can also be configured with WiFi, specify CLTM402 or CLTM502



The CLTM302 (2x 4G/5G Cellular) Ceiling Mount antenna can be configured with either one or two antenna elements.

This broadband antenna will cover all cellular applications worldwide from 694-960 MHz & 1710-3700 MHz.  Applications include 4G LTE, AWS , UMTS , XLTE, LTE-A, CBRS from 3.4-3.7 GHz. Other models that include WiFi are available.

The antenna is easy to install. The CLTM-302 comes with a special mounting clamp that attached directly to the metal ceiling tile grip.

The CLTM302 (2x 4G/5G Cellular) Series uses low loss fire retardant 195RF cable.  The antenna measures 5.5″” (140 mm) in diameters with a low profile of 2.38″ (60.4 mm).

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CLTM302 Series Radiation Pattern