DBD1 (Dual-Band Diplexer/Coupler)

Custom Couplers

Frequency Ranges:

  • 3 – 174 MHz
  • 350 – 512 MHz

Construction: Anodized Aluminum
Color: Black
Termination: Type “N” Female
Mounting: Mounting Flange

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The DBD1 is a dual-band coupler, also referred to as a Diplexer. This model’s Frequency coverage is 3-174, 350-512 MHz. The Radome for this product is  4 1/8″ L x 3 1/4″ W. It is designed to handle 150 watts when connected to the correct ports. All 1000 volt capacitors have been used in filter stages to insure trouble free high power operation. It has a Teflon “N” connector that terminations to insure highest quality interface for all signals.