LPD VHF Land Mobile Surface Mount Antenna

Frequency: 145 – 161 MHz
Gain: 2 dBi

Direct “N” Termination

Available in Black or White

The LPD-LVHF series is the ideal wireless solution for ambulances, fire engines, railroad cars, construction equipment, buses, and airport vehicles. It is factory wideband tuned and tested. The radome is a high impact polycarbonate resin to protect against the harshest outdoor environments. It is available in either black or white.

The LPD-LVHF radome measures at 20” (50.8cm) in diameter and is 3.25” (8.25cm) tall. With a weight of 5.25 lbs this antenna has a wind survivability of 200 mph. Also, it terminates with an N jack and surface mounted through eight 15/23” (11.9mm) mounting holes that are 45 degrees apart on 19.13 B.C.

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LPD Series Spec Sheet