NMO Style Permanent Mobile Mounts

  • C Mount
  • M Mount
  • MB Mount
  • MH Mount
  • MHB Mount
  • TBM Mount
  • VTBM Mount
  • UT Mount
  • TA Mount

Mobile Mark has a variety of NMO Style Permanent Mobile Mounts. Listed below is a brief description +6table of these mounts. Check the attached Data Sheet in the Specifications tab for the full technical specs. NMO Mounts will often time come with a moisture-resistant “O” Ring for a water-tight seal.

Type of Mount Descriptions Model Numbers
C Mount Universal NMO, all brass, mounts in either 3/8″ or 3/4″ hole C, CTM, CZL
M Mount NMO type brass and steel mount, 3/4″ hole installation M, MTM, MZL
MB Mount NMO type all brass mount, 3/4″ hole installation MB, MBTM, MBZL
MH Mount High distributed capacity NMO mount, 3/4″ hole installation MH ,MHTM ,MHZL
MHB Mount High distributed capacity brass NMO mount, 3/4″ hole installation MHB, MHBTM, MHBZL
TBM Mount Thick body mount, for body surfaces from 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick TBM, TBMTM, TBMZL
VTBM Mount Very thick body mount, for body surfaces up to 1/2″ thick VTBM , VTBMZL
UT Mount Universal thick body mount UTBM
TA Mount Thick body NMO mount adapter TAUHF, TAN


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