NMO Style Permanent Mobile Mounts

  • C Mount
  • CE Mount
  • M Mount
  • MB Mount
  • MH Mount
  • MHB Mount
  • ASC Mount
  • TBM Mount
  • VTBM Mount
  • UT Mount
  • TA Mount

Mobile Mark has a variety of NMO Style Permanent Mobile Mounts. Listed below is a brief description table of these mounts. Check the attached Data Sheet in the Specifications tab for the full technical specs. NMO Mounts will often time come with a moisture-resistant “O” Ring for a water-tight seal.

Type of Mount Descriptions Model Numbers
C Mount 3/8 or 3/4 hole mount only CAL, CUL, CTM, CZL
CE Mount Shielded 3/4 mount CEZM, CETM
M Mount Standard 3/4 hole mount only MAL, MUL, MTM, MZL
MB Mount Brass insert 3/4 hole mount only MBAL, MBUL, MBTM, MBZL
MH Mount High distributed capacity 3/4 hole mount only MHAL, MHUL ,MHTM ,MHZL
MHB Mount High distributed capacity brass 3/4 hole mount only MHBAL, MHBUL, MHBTM, MHBZL
ASC Mount 3/8 or 3/4 hole mount only ASC, ASCAL, ASCUL, ASCZL
TBM Mount Mount without cable TBMAL, TBMUL, TBMTM, TBMZL
VTBM Mount Mount without cable VTBMUL, VTBMZL
UT Mount Universal thick body mount UTBM
TA Mount Thick body NMO mount adapter TAUHF, TAN

Permanent Mountsmm