OD6-700 (Wideband)

Omni-directional  Site Antenna

Frequency: 694 – 806 MHz
Gain: 6 dBi
Related models: OD4-700 for 4 dBi gain model


The OD6-700 (Wideband) Series omni-directional Site antenna is popular because of its high-performance and rugged construction. In addition, the antenna base goes through an iridite process for weather protection. The antenna elements are enclosed in a fiberglass radome that is durable. The OD antenna normally terminates with a female N connector.

Our OD6-700 (Wideband) antenna operates across the entire 700 MHz band. It covers frequencies from 694 to 806 MHz with 6 dBi gain.

Specify OD4-700 for the 4 dBi gain version of the OD6 model.

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OD6-700 Radiation Pattern