Half-wave Device Antenna
covers the CBRS band

Frequency: 3400-3700 MHz
Gain: 2.3 dBi
Connector: TNC

Also available as the PSKN3-3500S with an SMA connector.


The PSKN3-3500 Series rubber duck style antennas are for hand-held devices or access points. They are a perfect fit as CBRS Wireless Router Antennas.

The knuckle-swivel feature allows articulated adjustment of the antenna so that it can be vertically positioned, regardless of the orientation of the device.  The antenna is available with either a TNC connector (PSTN3-3500T) or an SMA connector (PSKN3-3500S).

The PSKN3-3500T and PSKN3-3500S antennas provide up to 2.3 dBi gain and has a semi-flexible radome made from Polyurethane.

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