Heavy Duty Surface Mount Antenna

Frequency & Gain: 750-1250, 3 dBi & 1650-2000 MHz, 5 dBi

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RM-900/1900DN, 824-870 & 1850-1990 MHz
RM-925/1800DN, 870-960 & 1710-1880 MHz

The RMM-UMB-DN is a rugged Surface Mount Antenna with a direct N Female, ideal for industrial or other heavy duty applications.

The antenna can be used for such applications as remote monitoring from fixed locations or data transfer from a moving vehicle.

Rm3-900-1900 Dn Rm3-925-1800 Dn Rmm-umb Dn Mgrm-900-1900 Mgrm-925-1800 Mgrm-umb Spec Sheet (271.9 KiB, 37 downloads)