Wideband Surface Mount Antenna

Frequency: 420 MHz – 6 GHz
Peak Gain:
420-698 MHz: 5 dBi
698-1850 MHz: 3 dBi
1850-2400 MHz: 5 dBi
2400-3700 MHz: 6 dBi
3700-4900 MHz: 7 dBi
4900-6000 MHz: 8 dBi

The TMA-WB1 is a highly durable and water resistant mobile antenna. It is ideal for industrial or other heavy duty applications. This includes applications needing access to the entire 5G Cellular band from 420-6000 MHz.  Furthermore, it covers: Band 71 starting at 617 MHz, CBRS from 3550-3700 MHz, and LAA at 5 GHz. In addition, it is for fixed location applications such as remote monitoring or for data transfer and mobile communication from a moving vehicle.

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TMA-WB1 Specification Sheet


TMA-WB1 Radiation Pattern

TMA-WB1 Gain over Freq Radiation Pattern