Circular Polarized Dual-band WiFi Panel Antenna

Frequency: 2400-2500 MHz/5000-6000 MHz
Gain: 7 dBic (2400-2500 MHz), 11 dBic (5000-6000 Mhz)

The XW Flat Panel antennas offer a superior solution for a variety of 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5.0-6.0 GHz WiFi applications.

This Dual Band Circular Polarized design allows the X-WAV signal to travel regardless of obstacles such as trees, walls, and buildings.

The XW design also helps prevent multipath interference or noisy signals, with the added benefit for enhanced interoperability with conventional systems.

The XW-24/5XO-FPS-711 has a flat panel rectangular radome design.

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XW-24/5XO-FPS-711 Spec Sheet