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Reduced Profile GPS Antenna Designs Combined With WiFi And LTE

Itasca, IL – June 22, 2017 – Mobile Mark manufactures a variety of GPS Antenna Designs that can also be combined with other wireless capabilities such as WiFi and Cellular LTE. The LTM and SMW series put Mobile Mark on the map as a manufacturer of combination antennas with MIMO connections for WiFi, LTE, and other frequencies in addition to GPS. Now, the LLP series sets a new standard for low profile combination antennas.

The LLP502 introduces a new lower profile GPS antenna design that can facilitate up to 5 cables. It comes equipped with two connections for Global LTE (694-3700 MHz), two connections for WiFi (2400-2500, 5000-6000 MHz), and one GPS connection (1575 MHz). This lower profile design is a perfect fit for surface mounted applications that require combined functionality for several wireless frequencies. It mounts to surfaces with a drilled through hole, and requires a metal ground plane for optimal performance.

The overall performance capabilities of the LLP502 are comparable to the LTM502, with some differences in performance due to the reduced size of the LLP radome. The LLP502 measures 9 inches (22.8 cm) by 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) with a low profile of 1.25 inches (31.8 mm). It can be manufactured in either black or white depending on the preference of the customer.  Customers will find that one LLP502 takes up significantly less space than multiple antennas, giving it a distinct advantage for mobile applications.

Gain for the LLP502 ranges from Unity to 5 dBi depending on the frequency. Cable 1 at 694-960 MHz has 0 to 3 dBi gain, while Cable 2 at 1710 to 3700 MHz has 4 dbi. The cables designated for WiFi at 2.4 to 2.5 GHz (Cable 3) and 4.9 to 6.0 GHz (Cable 4) have 4 and 5 dBi gain respectively. Cable 5 for GPS at 1575 MHz has 5 dBi gain. All five connections terminate with SMA plugs by default.

The LLP series antennas offer quite a bit more than just GPS Antenna Designs, with added MIMO capability for LTE and WiFi. Mobile Mark customers may find that the reduced profile of the LLP502 is the perfect fit for their mobile applications requiring 2x LTE, 2x WiFi, and GPS.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Mobile Mark, Inc. designs and manufactures site, mobile and device antennas for 600 MHz – 9 GHz. Applications include GPS Tracking & Fleet Management, Cellular 3G & 4G LTE, WiFi, RFID, Public Safety, Military and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).  Engineering and custom design services are available.  Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include research facilities and manufacturing plant, are located near Chicago, IL.  An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK.  For further information visit our website:

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