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Slimline, Covert 5G Antenna Covers 617-7200MHz, Designed by Mobile Mark

Itasca, IL – July 1st, 2022– Mobile Mark’s new CVL-WB2 single-element antenna is designed for covert or embedded Cellular M2M installations that require 5G Sub-6 or WiFi 6e coverage.

This covert 5G antenna contains a single antenna element covering 617-960 MHz & 1700-7200 MHz that has been fully encased in a RF Compatible Overmolding material for complete environmental protection from water or dust. It can be installed with confidence in harsh and damp environments. Both the antenna and the cable attachment are protected.

This antenna is well suited for Industrial IoT & Cellular M2M applications that capture relatively small quantities of data and can therefore rely on a single antenna element to transmit the data. Video streaming applications will be better suited for one of the Mobile Mark MIMO antennas, or two CVL antennas can be combined to achieved 2xMIMO coverage. Utility and Water meters, Agricultural Sensor Points and Remote Monitoring Boxes are ideal applications for this antenna

The CVL-WB2 antenna is groundplane independent and was designed to be mounted on or inside of a non-metallic housing such as a fiberglass NEMA box. The antenna has a slim profile, measures only 5.7” tall x 1.5” wide x 0.3” deep, so it can fit into tight settings. It is typically mounted with Double-Sided Tape, but the integrated mounting holes can be used for supplemental attachment.

The CVL-WB2 covert 5G antenna offers the same 5G Cellular & WiFi6e frequency coverage as Mobile Mark’s CVWG-WB2, but the CVWG-WB2 is lightly larger and also contains a GNSS element.

This Made-in-the-USA antenna is designed and built in our Itasca, Illinois factory.

About Mobile Mark, Inc.

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions designs and manufactures site, mobile and device antennas for 30 MHz – 7.2 GHz. Applications include GPS Tracking & Fleet Management, Cellular M2M 5G & 4G LTE, WiFi, RFID, Public Safety FirstNet, M2M & Industrial IoT, Smart City Networks and Autonomous & Connected Cars. Engineering and custom design services are available. Mobile Mark’s global headquarters, which include research facilities and manufacturing plant, are located near Chicago, IL. An additional manufacturing and sales facility is located near Birmingham, UK. For further information visit our website:

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