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UAV Communication Antenna For 2.4 GHz Comes In A Small Sized Package

Itasca, IL – June 16, 2016 – Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is on the rise, and businesses are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to improving UAV performance and efficiency.

When building out the hardware necessary for UAV communication, a smaller profile antenna may be the key to creating an effective covert wireless solution for drones. The PSTG0-2400 from Mobile Mark measures only 1.0 inches (25 mm) in height, making it an ideal fit for covert mounting onto a UAV.

The PSTG0-2400 operates in the frequency range of 2400-2485 MHz, with Unity gain and a 2:1 VSWR ratio. The nominal impedance for this antenna is 50 Ohms, with a maximum power of 5 watts.

The radome of the PSTG0-2400, like all antennas in the PSTG0 family, is made from black matte polyurethane. This covering helps prevent water from seeping into the internal components of the antenna, meeting the requirements for the IPx5 water ingress rating. The material, while solid in design, has some flexibility to help in situations where the antenna could accidentally hit an object.

This antenna terminates with a reverse polarity SMA plug as opposed to the typical SMA male plug found on many other device antennas. As with all quarterwave antennas, the PSTG0-2400 does require a groundplane for optimal performance.

When a compact antenna solution is needed for UAV communication, Mobile Mark’s line of device antennas including the PSTG0-2400 provides ample 2.4 GHz connectivity in even the smallest package. For more information on 2.4 GHz solutions, visit the WiFi Networks section of our product library.

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